Our programs cover a wide variety of traditional martial arts as well as applications of those martial arts.  Click on the programs below to learn more detailed information.
Our programs:  Youn Wha Ryu, Sleek Ninja, Self-Defense,  Kali, Tricking,  SKILLZ, Tai Chi, and After School Academy.

Youn Wha Ryu

Traditional Martial Art with focus on striking and throwing.


High Intensity Interval Training mixed with Martial Arts/Kickboxing!

Martial Arts Tricking

Focus on advanced kicks and acrobatic skills.


SKILLZ for Children

Skills development tailored for specific ages and stages of development.  3 & 4 year old, 5 & 6, 7 - 9, and 10 - 14 year old children using martial arts as a tool to develop emotional, cognitive, social, and physical skills.

Tai Chi

Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chaun with applications and Hapkido Cane defense added.