Grand Master Han

Who we are:

We are a traditional martial arts organization founded by Grandmaster Han.  Grandmaster Han has studied multiple styles of martial arts beginning with Shaolin Temple and including Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu and other styles.  Students join for many reasons including physical fitness, flexibility, self-defense, improved self-confidence, even improved academic performance.  Most choose to stay for the new family they have discovered.

Grandmaster Han has chosen to lead the organization as a devout Christian, developing our training principles from the Bible.  His goal and the goal of the organization is to improve the life of students and those they touch.

What will I learn and who can join?

From age 5 to age 95, anyone can train in the Youn Wha Ryu system. We offer traditional martial arts with a modern approach to fitness and training methods.  Our system incorporates elements from: Taekwondo, Karate, Hapkido, Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu, Tai Chi and also trains in many weapons.  Whether for fitness, fun or self-defense you will find Youn Wha Ryu to be a challenging and rewarding experience!

What are the dues?

Monthly dues vary by school, number of classes and number enrolled per family. We do not require a contract but ask that you enroll in automatic billing.  Otherwise, please deposit your monthly dues in the black mailbox/drop box on the wall.  Please make checks payable to GMHMA .  If paying with cash, please put cash in an envelope with the student’s name.

Please see dues page for updated pricing and specials.  All schools offer private lessons and an option for discounted private/group lessons.

How do I join?

Complete a registration sheet, pay your first month’s dues, and work out with us.  The program is not just for kids.   Children learn best with parents as their example.  Make it a family activity; you will be happy you did.  While we have many talented athletes as instructors and students, you needn’t be an athlete to benefit from the program.  Boys and girls, men and women from all walks of life can benefit.

Are there additional costs?

Yes. Rank promotion, tournaments, t-shirts, and special seminars are additional to the monthly dues.  All are voluntary.  However, you will want to participate in “testings” or rank promotions to progress to the next level of instruction.  Testings occur about every two months.  Your instructor will determine whether you may test.  Tournaments occur twice per year in central Arkansas and several times per year in other states.

What are special seminars?

Your training will begin with a foundation of TaeKwonDo and progress to more complex Youn Wha Ryu techniques over several years.  Close combat/self-defense skills are a large part of the training once you reach black belt.  There is much to learn by completing your basic training.  However, many students wish to focus on weapons, grappling, ground fighting or becoming instructors.  While much of this training is included with your dues, additional, more intensive training is available.  Special seminars are offered to provide the additional training.  Most of these seminars are provided by the masters in our organization.  The additional fees typically cover their travel and related costs.

Do I need equipment?

You may start your training with loose fitting clothing such as sweats or shorts and a t-shirt.  However, a uniform or gi is required within a reasonable time frame.  As you progress, you will have the opportunity to spar or fight with rules.  You will need sparring gear at that time.  Should you desire to pursue weapons training, you will have to purchase separately. You may purchase equipment from your instructor.  We do not require that you purchase Han Style equipment.  However, we do require that your equipment meets certain standards for your protection.  We offer equipment from HanStyle and Century Martial Arts Supply.  Generally, we can provide anything available at the suggested retail pricing with taxes included and without additional shipping so please check with us, you might save a little.

Who are the instructors?

Your immediate instructor is Andrea DeTour, Gio Mannon, Michael Gant, or Scott Linn.  Mobile number:  501-472-2080

Master Tom Mullaney and Master Shana Mullaney are the owners and chief instructors of the Conway and Greenbrier schools and oversee the instruction for several other locations including all schools in our region.

Master Jeremy Fox is the head of the Arkansas Division of the World Youn Wha Ryu Association.

Grandmaster Man He Han is the founder and living grandmaster of the World Youn Wha Ryu Association.

Can I work out at other locations?

Yes.  As a matter of fact, you are encouraged to participate in additional training.  We encourage students to train frequently at any location.  Additional locations include Clinton, Greenbrier, Conway, Morrilton, Mayflower, North Little Rock, and more.  Traveling?  Find additional locations here:

Who is Grandmaster Han?

Grandmaster Han has stated several times that he is indeed a blessed man. He has had the unique opportunity to train and master several martial arts and was fortunate to train under three famous martial artists of his time.

His first teacher was Son Bop Sa. Master Son was a traveling monk who had observed the young Man Han. He then presented himself to the young man's mother and asked permission to take the boy along with him and educate him in meditation and martial arts. Permission was granted and the six-year-old Man went off with the monk to train and learn.

Most of the training Grandmaster Han went through was the strengthening and sensitizing of the mind. In other words, he was trained to have a strong "sixth sense" mainly through Zen and other mental activities. His training consisted of focusing the mind through meditation and qigong or breathing exercises.

Six years later, the young Han began to long for home and asked his master for permission to go back and see his parents. The monk conceded and let the young man go. It would be the last time he would ever see his master again.

The second of his famous instructors was a man known as Byung In Yun. Master Yun taught Grandmaster Han a system called Kong Soo, one that predated Tae Kwon Do. Grandmaster Han began training under Master Yun at the age of 13.

At the same time, the young Han met Sae Chong Wang. Master Wang was his Youn Wha instructor. Although the Youn Wha system contains forms, it is mainly a conglomeration of high level fighting techniques from all the martial art systems.

During this same time period of middle school and high school, Grandmaster Han also studied Hwarang-do, Kendo, Hapkido, and various weapons. He has attained an 8th dan in Hwarang-do, 7th dan in Kendo, 8th dan in Hapkido, 4th dan in Judo and has trained extensively in 24 different weapons: rope, throwing star, double sticks, short stick, six foot staff, Hapkido cane, tonfa, sai, and others.

After leaving high school, Grandmaster Han entered the law program at Kon Kuk University and graduated with his Bachelor's degree.

Grandmaster Han is a respected member of the martial arts community and was on the Board of Directors in the Korean Tae Kwon Do Federation in its early days. He helped design the Palgue forms presently used by the World Tae Kwon Do Federation. During his tenure with the Korean Tae Kwon Do Federation, Grandmaster Han was appointed president of the North Province of Seoul.  Besides his martial arts credentials, Grandmaster Han served as a Special Tactics Instructor for the Korean Intelligence Agency, teaching martial art techniques to the Korean military.

He was also called to train the 7th US Army Infantry Division from 1970 to 1972 in hand-to-hand combat and served as Close Combat Instructor for the 2nd Army Infantry Division from 1972 to 1976.

In 1976, Grandmaster Han and his family made the choice to immigrate to the United States. His first encounter with the U.S. was New Jersey. From there the Han facility moved to Tennessee, Florida, and in 1978, to Dallas, Texas.

Grandmaster Han firmly believes that the Youn Wha Ryu is the best system available because of its completeness. He has a dream of reaching the entire world with the Youn Wha system, and through his instructors he hopes to accomplish this.

Youn Wha Ryu Training Principles

The Youn Wha Ryu system, Grandmaster Han and his instructors strive to teach us to apply the following principles both in the martial arts setting and in our everyday lives:

 Be Polite

Be Patient

Be Alert

Be Brave

Do Your Best

Respect Yourself and Others